Xorroxin waterfall (Erratzu)
Bertiz Estate (Oronoz)
Horse-riding (Arizkun)
Bertiz Adventure Park (Narbarte)
Bidasoa greenway
Camino de Santiago


Jaureguia Palace (Irurita, visitas guiadas)
Tower of Donamaria
Amaiur Castle
Our Lady of the Angels Convent (Arizkun)


Urdax Caves
Zugarramurdi Caves
Sara Caves


Baztandarren Biltzarra (Elizondo)
October fairs (Elizondo)
Arizkun Carnival


Jorge Oteiza Ethnographic Museum

Santxotena – Museum-Park (Arizkun)
Witches’ Museum (Zugarramurdi)
Mill and Monastery at Urdax
Zubieta Mill


Pamplona (55 Km.) 
Donostia – San Sebastián (68 Km.)
Biarritz (74 Km.)


The Baztan Valley is located to the north of the Iberian Peninsula and the region of Navarra, and runs adjacent to the border with France. With an area of 376.81 km2 it is the largest of the 265 municipalities of the region and a classic example of the valleys of the Navarra Pyrenees, both in terms of its thousand-year-old tradition and culture and its characteristic ruggedness.

Above the background of a green-lined basin, rise smooth mountains of modest heights but boasting privileged views over the surrounding area, in which a significant expanse of forest, mainly dominated by species such as beech and oak, still lives on…

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